Barbara Ann Hutton School of Ballet

Our Mission at the Barbara Ann Hutton School of Ballet is to provide students with Russian Ballet techniques (Vaganova). We aim to give new students opportunities to learn the techniques of classical ballet, while helping advanced skilled persons to further their technique. Students can be on their way to advancement whether they are young children, teen or adult.

As a dancer and teacher I have had 8 years of schooling and training under the watchful eye of Russian teachers from the Vaganova Institute at the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg Russia (1982-1990) Kirov Ballet Lenningrad).

Pre-Ballet & Youth (6 - 9)

Pink tights, pink leotard and hair in a neat bun


Youth (10 - 15)

leotard black.jpg

Pink tights, black leotard and hair in a neat bun


Tights, sweat pants or yoga pants - No jeans!!

No neon colours please.



Miss Barbara prefers pink leather full-soled shoes with pleating for girls and black leather full-soled shoes for boys. 


Miss Barbara would like for all girls to wear their hair neatly during class, and especially during recitals. Here is a tutorial on how to make a neat ballet bun.